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High Gloss Acrylics

Stylelite (Order Sample Kit)

StyleLite is a high gloss acrylic finished laminate, which provides a perfectly flat mirror like gloss surface that is far superior to paints, finishes and laminates.  StyleLite provides deep high gloss solid colors without “orange-peel” or surface imperfections. Pairing StyleLite with a high gloss matching or contrasting edge banding creates a high gloss piece of furniture that is truly beautiful and incredibly functional.


White KitchenBlackDoors


Ideally suited for kitchen and closet cabinetry, door and drawer fronts, office furniture, and fixture & display applications.


Edge Banding




SSI stocks a variety of 1mm edge banding products from Doellken to complement the StyleLite high gloss acrylic finished laminate. 

The solid color ABS edge banding is finished with a specially formulated lacquer to achieve a spectacular gloss similar to glass.  A peel coat is applied to the surface ensuring that the finished panel will be protected through transport and installation. 

The 3D edge banding consists of two colors running in parallel under a high gloss clear acrylic.  Applying the 3D edge banding to a high gloss board laminated with StyleLite achieves an amazing 3 dimensional effect giving the high gloss surface a thick, substantial and high value appearance.

Zenolite (Order Sample Kit)

Zenolite is the new high gloss acrylic panel that provides the superior gloss & depth of glass, without all the weight, cost and installation limitations. Zenolite has 25 times the impact resistance of glass; it can be bent, cut and fabricated on site. This highly attractive, reliable and cost effective material does what architects and designers want it to do.... Impress!  


zenoliteHigh Glosskitchen


Ideally suited for home, office and commercial applications.  Zenolite is the high gloss panel for all your interior needs.